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Straight vs. Exotics Wagering Challenge

As I posted on my Facebook page,  since I’ve still got one more month of database testing to do (and I’m not betting), I have a challenge for those man or woman enough to take me up on it: I want to compare and contrast straight vs. exotic wagering, so I’m going to put my spot plays, which are generally win bets, up against those who like to play the exotics.

The rules are simple:

1) Everybody will start with a mythical $1,000 bankroll that they can use to bet the exotics any way they see fit.

2) The final odds will be used to determine the validity of any “conditional” wagers, e.g. “bet $50 to win on 4 at odds of 5-2 or greater.”

3) Here’s the one catch: Everybody has to wager on — or pass — the races that I have spot plays in (I have no time or interest in personally handicapping any races; yes, I’m that lazy).

NOTE: The reason for using the same races is to keep it apples to apples. Once again, my goal here is not to determine who the best handicapper is — the time frame is too short for that anyway; plus, I don’t really care — but to highlight the differences between straight and exotic wagering strategies.

4) The “winner” will be the person or persons with the highest bankroll at the end of the Challenge (tentatively scheduled to be Dec. 31, 2013).

5) Bets must be submitted to on or before NOON Eastern Time each race day. Only races run over the surface they were originally scheduled to be run over will count.

Anybody who wishes to participate is welcome to. I will provide free past performances — and they will even include my pace figures (that whole apples-to-apples thing).

The Challenge begins on Friday, Dec. 6, with the following tracks/races:

9th Aqueduct
7th Finger Lakes
9th Finger Lakes
7th Remington Park

Click HERE for the past performances.

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