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The importance of seeking value in any and all wagering endeavors was reinforced this weekend when three football bets I considered making failed to meet my minimum price/spread requirements:
* I was kind of on the fence about Eastern Michigan and might not have bet the team even if I’d gotten the 45 points I was asking for; still, the line never moved from 44 ½, so I passed and Ohio State won 73-20.
* Georgia, on the other hand, I would have bet as an underdog on the moneyline. Instead, the Bulldogs were favored, I passed, and Mississippi State cruised 24-12.
* Lastly, the Boise State Broncos closed as an 18-point favorite, which once again prompted me to pass, and, although they won, they failed to cover.
In the NFL, there were fewer betting decisions to be made, as all my proposed plays met the odds/spread requirements that I had set. For the weekend, I finished 3-2 with an ROI of +28.3% (530 units bet, 680 units returned).
Derek Simon’s Free Football Selection Statistics
Picks: 14
Wins: 9
Rate: 64.3%
Units Bet: 1,490
Return: 1,970
ROI: +32.21%
*Final odds from &
(This year’s published selections through 09/27/10.)

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